Build Angular
without code.

Dashbox is an open-source low-code framework
for building highly customizable front-ends.

No proprietary or dirty code, it's Angular.

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Design views in seconds

Build entire views dragging & droping highly customizable components and layouts, with a powerful WYSIWYG editor built for everyone, even non-technical users.

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Plug data in less time

Build powerful data flows between components and views with blocs editor.

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Build custom Angular components

Dashbox is an unopinionated framework that is open to your own code. Develop custom Angular components to extend the turnkey library.

    selector: "app-my-super-component",
    templateUrl: "./my-super-component.html",
    type: "custom",
    nameTranslation: "My Super Component",
    category: "misc",
    icon: "user",
export class MySuperComponent {
    @Input() config!: DxGizmoConfig;

Draw routes

Create advanced routing between components with easy blocs editor.

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Customize everything, make it yours

Dashbox is highly customizable, and open to any branding:



Create integrated menus in clicks.

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Create your own themes, design-system-ready.

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